Roses in Watercolour – Book Review

Many people admire flowers and would love to draw them – but lack the skills and knowledge to do so.  This book offers a simple, straightforward answer. If you can trace, you can create a picture.  Five step by step demonstrations are included showing how to create a selection of rose designs from basic tracings. 

Having created your outline drawing, the book explains how to get different color effects, and give the impression of texture. Over 150 step by step photographs are provided, ensuring that every step can easily be followed.  Yet as Whittle points out, to get the maximum effect it is important to use your imagination, adding backgrounds and shapes to give interest and depth. 

This is a book which can be used by beginners or more skilled artists alike, as everyone will find something of interest.  There is always something new to learn about painting flowers!  A very useful, practical guide which will be used and reused by many artists.