Roseanne Barr talks politics

Domestic Goddess and actress Roseanne Barr was in Las Vegas where she spoke openly about the presidential race, Senator Hillary Clinton’s Saturday Night Live guest appearance and even revealed who she plans to vote for in the upcoming election to Extra. 

As for which candidate is getting her vote, Barr exclaimed, “Originally, I was supporting John Edwards…I went between Hillary and Barack, back and forth, back and forth. And then I decided, I’ve been a feminist my whole life. I’ve been for the women. I’ve got to keep going with it.

I’ve made my whole life be about it, so I can’t quit now. I’m going to keep all the way through but if he’s [Obama] the nominee, then I’m going to be for him. I’m for a Democrat most of all.”

In regard to Clinton’s guest appearance on SNL, Barr stated, “I thought she was really funny…I thought her timing and her delivery were really, really good.” She continued, “I think Obama is funny too. He’s got some comedy chops.”

Barr joked saying, “It seems like that’s how people are getting elected – if they can make people laugh. Because comics are the only people who tell the truth.”

Comics like Michael Richards?

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