Rock bad boy Marilyn Manson fears he will be blamed for Virginia

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson, whose music was linked to the 1999 Columbine shootings, has claimed that he has concern his music will be labeled as a cause for the Virginia Tech shootings.

In an interview with BBC radio, Manson said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if my name got brought into this (Virginia Tech shootings).” The singer said his concern was that the music would become part of the blame for the shooting that left 33 people dead.

Manson’s name and music was brought to the front of the Columbine news reports in 1999 after family groups stated the singer’s style and music encouraged the school shooting.

During the interview, Manson discusses his reaction to watching the initial Columbine news cast about the shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, and how he feels he will be linked.

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