Robert Downey Jr. reveals megawatt cast of Iron Man 2, and Iron Man 3 is on

Robert Downey Jr. revealed the cast of Iron Man 2 – describing it as a “Who’s Who in Hollywood,” as he also dished on his workout regime, and the advice a Sherlock Holmes aficionado gave him. ‘

Downey talked to Extra about his new film, “The Soloist” and how well he meshed with co-star Jamie Foxx. “We work the same way. We kind of dive in with both feet…He’s a consummate musician. He’s a top dog actor…He’s got an insane sense of humor.”

As for that all-star Iron Man 2 cast, Downey confirms to “Extra’s” that Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson are both set to star in the Iron Man sequel. He declares, “They are both cast and doing Iron Man 2. Garry Shandling is in the film. Of course we have Don Cheadle. We have Sam Jackson. We have Sam Rockwell. And we have my dearest heart, Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Downey is also busy making the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and shared there was a crazy scene where the literary sleuth is naked and handcuffed in bed. “Yes, not by design. Our version of Sherlock Holmes goes back to the book where he was basically the first western martial artist. They don’t talk about that part in the books very often because they never had the budget to put it onscreen. We had the budget to put it on screen.”

Also revealing details regarding the movie’s music, Downey says, “We are hoping Chris Martin of Coldplay will contribute to our score. He’s a huge Sherlock Holmes fan…He told me you need to be really skinny which is always the last thing you want to hear.” More buffed up than skinny for Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes Robert admits, “I would probably be Jabba the Hutt’s brother if I wasn’t required to stay in shape for these films.”

When asked about the rumor he wants to write a musical, Downey says, “I’m really busy. Yes, I’d love to write a musical. I’m probably going to wait until I’m 50. That really took the pressure off. I can relax again.”

 Downey confirms there will be an Iron Man 3 as well.

“Extra’s” interview with Robert Downey Jr. airs Friday, April 3rd.

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