Robert De Niro sued by film insurer

Not only has Robert De Niro had to battle cancer, now he is being sued by the insurance company of a film he was signed on for in 2003. reports De Niro has since filed a motion against Fireman’s Fund Insurance to dismiss the suit the company filed against him in 2006.

De Niro’s spokesperson Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ “This was filed in response to Fireman’s Fund’s decision to sue Robert De Niro because he was diagnosed with cancer.”

TMZ has unearthed the details: De Niro was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2003. The documents in the suit contend that when De Niro was diagnosed, he “was days away from starting work on the film ‘Hide and Seek.’

Because of the cancer diagnosis and his treatment for the cancer, he was unavailable and shooting was held up almost 60 days.

The suit claims Fireman’s Fund, the insurance carrier for the film, “paid over $1.8 million to reimburse the studio for its lost costs.”

“October of 2006, Fireman’s Fund filed suit against De Niro, claiming he misrepresented the state of his health on a medical certificate they issued him for the film,” reports TMZ.

De Niro’s camp states he was diagnosed on October 15, 2003 after undergoing a prostate biopsy on the 10th.

The medical certificate filed with the insurance company was dated on October 13.

TMZ reports that the insurer, Fireman’s Fund, “acknowledges in their suit against the actor that he had not yet ‘been diagnosed with or treated for’ prostate cancer, but they decided to sue him anyway.”

De Niro in his move today to have the suit dismissed, claims “there was no way he misrepresented his health on the certificate because he hadn’t yet been diagnosed with cancer.”


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