Robbie Williams paid £1 million to sing at party

Robbie Williams was paid £1 million to sing for one hour at a birthday bash – and gave it all to charity.

Robbie earned the mega wage for performing to 300 guests at the 50th birthday party of rich City broker Michael Spencer.

The heartthrob singer kicked off his intimate show with ‘Let Me Entertain You’ at midnight on Saturday (10.09.05) and finished with ‘Angels’ at 1am. The party, which was held at Chateau Meuf de Grasse in the south of France, was estimate to cost more than £1.5million.

One guest said: “It was an incredible party. People were pinching themselves when Robbie came on. They just couldn’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, Robbie has finally given up trying to crack the States – by refusing to release his new album, ‘Intensive Care’, over there.

The pop idol, who spends most of his time living in Los Angeles, explained: “I would have to be mental to invite what I have in the rest of the world to the States, which is really that last place I can walk the streets unmolested.”

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