Robbie Williams graciously invites “slag” for a shag

Singer Robbie Williams has extended an open invitation to a fan known as the “blonde slag’” to come along to any of his concerts, and have sex with him. According to his recent interview on Britain’s Radio 1. has listed numerous fans who claim they have been intimate with Williams on his current and aptly named ‘Close Encounters’ world tour.

According to Radio 1, Williams insists he has never met most of the girls comparing notes on, but insists he would like to.

“I’ve heard about this Swedish girl who has been rating me on Myspace. If she wants to come along any of my shows then she is welcome. I think she is calling herself ‘blonde slag’. But, you know, if she’s going to talk about it then we might as well do it!” He said on the Radio 1 program.
He stated in the interview: “I’ve been quite a good lad. I’ve been watching a lot of DVDs and playing football. But the tour is still young, as I am, and I’m sure I will go plundering at some point.”

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