Robbie Williams falls for American girl

New York girl meets and falls for Stoke On Trent boy.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member and star of the recent slasher “Black Christmas” Michelle Trachtenberg is now dating British rocker Robbie Williams, according to the News of the World.

The two have been made by local Los Angeles paparazzi, who are now newly freed up after Posh Spice left the city of Angels to return to London with 2 entire luggage transport carts filled to the tippity-top, loaded with Abercrombie and Fitch goods. (They don’t have A&F in England) Posh was spotted several times at separate A&F locations buying them out. See previous “Los Angeles retailers weep with joy” article.

Williams and Trachtenberg were spotted at retail experience Fred Segal on Melrose Boulevard, another retail destination for those visiting L.A. this past week, and blogger Perez Hilton states they “have been quietly seeing each other for a few weeks.”

“Robbie really likes Michelle,” an unnamed News of the World source close to the pair says. “He especially loves her sense of humor. They’re having a great time just hanging out.

As we all know, Robbie doesn’t have a high celebrity profile in the States despite many attempts to launch his career over there. So as far as Michelle is concerned, she’s just spending time with a normal bloke from a place called Stoke. That’s just how Rob likes it.”


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