Rivers of London – Book Review

Fantasy fiction with a difference.  No swords and sorcery – just a slightly alternative universe.  Peter Grant has just served his probation period in the Metropolitan Police and his sole concern is to avoid being put on the dreaded Case Progression Unit. 

Then he suddenly finds himself taking a witness statement from a ghost and his whole world turns upside down.  Suddenly appointed to a little known unit, he finds himself an apprentice wizard police officer, serving the mysterious Inspector Nightingale as he becomes involved in a chase for a mad killer who is causing havoc, death and destruction.

Something, no one knows quite what, is turning harmless people into mannequins with destroyed faces.  What is the link to the traditional story about Mr Punch?  Along the way, he also has to negotiate between warring deities called Mother Thames and Father Thames, and their offspring such as Lady Ty (Tyburn) and Beverley Brook. 

Real policing meets twentieth century wizardry creating a book which is entertaining, and at the same time a really good mystery.  I look forward to reading more by this very promising author.