Rihanna photo taken post Chris Brown alleged beating a shocker

The picture says a thousand words: Pop star Rihanna eyes closed, with swollen features, scratches and abrasions all over her face.

TMZ allegedly got the photo from someone connected to the LAPD that shows bruises on either side of her forehead, blackened areas around her eyes and blood at the corners of her mouth.

The singer’s alleged assault at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown happened on Feb. 8, the early morning of the Grammys.

“The LAPD does not and will not release any victim’s photos. It’s that simple. We have not,” said Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Jason Lee whe asked how TMZ acquired the shot.

Brown, 19, was arrested and later was released on $50,000 bail.

Police responded to a 911 call from an “unidentified woman” and found her battered and alone on a street in the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles.

Rihanna is reportedly cooperating with police, the New York Daily News confirms from music industry sources.


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