Rihanna ‘no role model’ for women says Will Young

Singer Will Young lashed out at Barabados beauty Rihanna, telling a British blog the singer was a “poor role model” for women.

The Pop Idol winner told OMG.com:

“I don’t think Rihanna is a massively great role model for women, her lyrics aren’t empowering. She’s a brilliant pop star and recording artist but her lyrics are not empowering – young girls have to listen to those lyrics…I saw Rihanna kissing a girl in one of her videos [‘S&M’] and I thought who is this for? If you’re going to do it just go the whole way like Madonna did and have sex on a bed.”

He added, “Women in a patriarchal society should be empowering and owning their bodies, I don’t think Rihanna is. I feel quite strongly about this.”

Young cited positive examples like singer Adele for being “empowering.”

He added: “Image wise Lady Gaga is empowering. I’m more interested in women like Annie Lennox or Grace Jones, people who have challenged the female form who have owned it and brought it forward.”

Rihanna has been criticized over her ‘Man Down’ video which some groups claim promoted murder. The video portrayed her shooting an attacker after being raped.


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