Rihanna and Chris Brown share bad taste in tatts, some thoughts

Two star-crossed lovers who have way too much fame and fortune too early in life to properly handle it have defaced their bodies with unfortunate tattoos.

Chris Brown’s new ink looks like a bruised and beaten Rihanna, which has enraged the rapper, taking to his Twitter to say it is “art” and emblematic of the Day of the Dead.

If you remember, a few Grammy award shows ago Rihanna was tuned_up by Brown in a rented Lamborghini over some texts on his phone she was trying to read.

Why, exactly, Brown feels to put a Dia de los Muertos tatt on his neck is a mystery, as Brown is no Mexican. 

The sugar skull masks do represent a darker, chaotic side for people of that Catholic and Hispanic culture to celebrate. The traditional face painting of skulls on a face are meant to overcome fear of death, as one acts recklessly and get up to the mischief that is forbidden at other times of the year.  Brown certainly ‘acted up,’ but in the pantheon of wife-beater types, he’s no Ike Turner.

Meanwhile Rihanna’s amazing body is further defaced by a hideous Egyptian goddess tatt under her boobs, which ostensibly is meant to honor her dead grandmother.


Which means the sheeple fans will eschew the traditional tramp stamp on the back for a new look, under-boob tatts which will be a new hideous trend to look forward to.


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