Richie Sambora’s daughter Ava Sambora lands movie role

Proud father Richie Sambora’s daughter Ava has landed a plum role in an upcoming Judd Apatow production.

The Wrap reported that Ava Sambora, the daughter of Sambora and actress Heather Locklear, landed a role in the untitled Apatow comedy for Universal Pictures.

Sambora was just written up by Monsters and Critcs’ for his latest White Trash Beautiful (WTB) Fall Fashion line collection.

Ava Sambora reportedly will play “Sadie’s Best Friend,” with the character of Sadie being portrayed by Maude Apatow, Judd’s daughter.

Apatow regulars Leslie Mann (his daughter Maude’s mother) and Paul Rudd, along with Megan Fox, Albert Brooks and Melissa McCarthy are also cast according to The Wrap.


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