Rhymes’ lawyer cries foul on the bust as more information is released about the assault

Rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested on Saturday by New York City police and was treated to a night in jail due to an assault that now appears to have taken place when a man spat on the performer’s car.

Rhymes’ lawyer Scott Leemon has stated the entire arrest is being exzagerated by the police department as a way of getting back at the rapper for his not wanting to discuss the murder of his bodyguard with police investigators.
Lemmon has been quoted as saying the entire arrest was “payback” by the NYPD, and that all Rhymes should have received was a “desk appearance ticket.”

Court papers state that on August 12th near Gramercy Park in Manhattan, Rhymes (whose real name is Trevor Smith) allegedly kicked the man several times in the head and body. After spending the night in jail, Rhymes was released without bail. He is expected to appear in court to answer to the charges on October 24th.

The fan, Roberto Lebron, has claimed he spat on the rapper’s vehicle accidentally. As a result of the assault, Lebron received a concussion, a split lip and injured his wrist. He was treated at Bronx’s Jacobi Medical Centre. Rhymes is also facing a weapons charge after police found a 10-inch knife inside his SUV.

Israel Ramirez, the rapper’s bodyguard, was killed in a shooting that took place while Busta Rhymes was in the process of making a video outside a Brooklyn studio on February 5. The police have blamed the lack of progress on the case to the reluctance of witnesses to provide investigators with information.


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