Review: Zabellos redefines shoe and handbag repair with old world craftsmanship

There’s hope for a broken down Louboutin, Chanel, Prada or even a dirty Ugg, or for anyone with an expensive handbag afraid to turn it over to the local shoe repair.

My vintage authentic Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Trouville Handbag was dirty and worn with a broken zipper, and Zabellos, a small American business with a family tradition of fine shoe making and repair, came to my rescue.

There is a real beauty in a service that works so seamlessly from the moment you order one of three levels of service. A box of prepaid packaging to send your shoes or bags in arrives and from there, skilled old-world trained European cobblers fix the problem and ship it back to you in perfect packaging.

This is a major boon and find for anyone who loves their shoes and accessories, and hate to chance it with people that you have no idea of their level of repair skills.

Zabellos turns out great repairs, as witnessed by my before and after shots of the purse interior and zipper, restored to former glory.

The team at Zabellos were trained by European masters, and the lost art of the cobbler was taught – combining with a modern touch of convenience – shipping anywhere to people who appreciate the surprisingly affordable service.

Zabellos supplies everything you need to ship and track your shoes. All you have to do is put them in the mail.

Master craftsmanship is delivered to your front door, making it easy to renew the shoes you love and enjoy them for a lifetime. They treat your favorite pairs and purses like works of art, meticulously working to preserve, enhance, and restore their beauty.










How it works:

Choose from Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Custom shoe repair packages, then place your order online.
Wait for shipping materials to arrive in the mail. They supply everything you need to ship and track your shoes.

Place your shoes in the provided Zabellos box, affix the shipping label, and make a trip to your mailbox.

Within 8-10 business days, your shoes or handbag will come back to you exquisitely renewed.

Handbags usually take a little longer depending on the nature of the repair, but they communicate via email and phone to let you know what’s up with the process, and if a repair is genuinely beyond them.

Honest and reliable, and a highly recommended small USA business to check out:


April MacIntyre is Monsters and Critics’ smallscreen and people/celebrity editor who loves to visit and celebrate small American businesses when she can. You can contact her on Twitter


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