Review: WWII in HD on History, Nov 15-19 is astounding

The upcoming <STRONG>WWII in HD</STRONG> on History is a flat-out, no miss event to watch this Sunday, November 15. <P></P> <P>It is the sort of television that comes around rarely, and is so full of emotional moments, eye-opening footage and thoughtful storytelling, that the entire family can sit down, watch, learn and remember how we came together as a nation so selflessly, 60 odd years ago. </P> <P>***image10:center***</P> <P>History channel and the producers has preserved and restored thousands of hours of color archival footage unearthed from archives and private collections across the globe, and never seen by most Americans. </P> <P>The film has been restored to a pristine condition through advanced HD technology. Some of this “lost” footage has not been seen since the 1940s. </P> <P>***image11:center***</P> <P>The personal recounting of soldiers like Austrian Jew Herzog “Jack” Werner (who quickly emigrated to the US when he saw the handwriting on the wall in his native land), country boy Archie Sweeney and surgical nurse June Wandrey will gut you with the sacrifice and travails they endured. </P> <P>***image9:center***</P> <P>This ten-part series reveals us as a nation in disarming, intimate b-roll – from San Francisco to upstate New York – as a people who valued patriotism and all it meant, who embraced service to country as duty, not dread.  It was an unambiguous war that dwarfed all others in world history. </P> <P>The producers and director brilliantly wove genuine footage of everyday American life from weddings, city shots and beach scenes revealing how our society moved and what it looked like, and then splayed into the footage of people reacting to the news of the war, and the progression of our country’s involvement. </P> <P>You will be astounded by the unseen footage. Also appreciated was the montage of English film reels where producers take us to London during the blitz, and we see how the English school children managed the drills, and how life was like up close for our allies across the pond. Churchill’s radio broadcast promising Britain that he “would defend their Island…and never surrender” is still very moving. </P> <P><STRONG>The ten-part series premieres November 15-19, 9-11pm ET/PT – it airs two hours each night and features Emmy Award winner Gary Sinise as narrator.</STRONG> </P> <P>The series draws upon more than 3,000 hours of WWII footage and uses the voice-over talents of several stars to tell the stories of select men and women for this effort.</P> <P>***image12:center***</P> <P>This was an ambitious project, and the work that the creative parties put into this was a truly remarkable and patriotic effort for recording posterity, and reminding us who we can be once again, as Americans. </P> <P>Europe was almost completely engulfed by one man’s army, one man’s vision. The Nazi occupation at one time held over 700 million people hostage. The documentary shows Hitler’s intentions of taking over South America to control this land mass as well. </P> <P>The Pacific theater was where our Navy initially was shellacked, and so many of our troops suffered greatly at the hands of the Japanese. From Bataan to Guadalcanal, this footage is heart-stopping. </P> <P>***image3:center***</P> <P>War correspondent and author (Guadalcanal Diary) Richard Tregaskis’ recollections are vivid and deeply detailed.  Americans came together as never before and never since.  We were fighting enemies off both our coasts; everyone did their part for the war effort; volunteerism was at an all-time high to support the men drafted and volunteered for the service, and women fought and served alongside in record numbers. This happened in Britain as well. </P> <P>WWII in HD is hands down the most visually arresting WWII documentary I have ever witnessed, as unseen World War II drama/documentary is remastered in perfect crisp HD and put into color with the personal tales of 12 Americans who fought in or contributed to the war effort. </P> <P>***image5:center*** </P> <P>The producers take you to every front, from Alaska’s Aleutian islands to the south Pacific, the battlefields of Northern Africa (the Gen. George Patton footage is exceptional) to Europe and the Atlantic; this is living history the way it should be presented in schools to children, to give them insight on the true history of the modern world. </P> <P>The series follows a group of select veterans, and the two episodes that I watched introduced me to a plucky Jewish émigré who escaped from Austria before the war and wound up fighting in the Pacific Theater rather than against the man and people he despised, Hitler and the Nazis. </P> <P>***image4:center***</P> <P>“Jack” Werner recounts his story as a young man who heard the Nazi chatter intensify in his home of Austria, and realized when his family’s bank accounts were seized that he had to make a run for his life through the Alps to France, then to America. </P> <P>***image6:center***</P> <P>Army nurse June Wandrey, who served from the beginnings of the war in North Africa to the liberation of the camps in Germany, gave heartbreaking recollections that wrecked me emotionally. Her voice-over relives the accompanying hospital footage of burned and maimed soldiers and their treatment, their agony is unvarnished and exposed for us to hear and see up close. It will bring you to tears. </P> <P>***image14:center***</P> <P>Her story of an 18 year-old soldier brought in with mortal wounds who asks her in cheerful banter if he was going to be all right is tough to listen to, especially if you have sons this age, as I do. The nurses had a pact, stuck to it and worked round the clock to help the fallen. Wandrey often saw too much to bear. “We never cried in front of the boys, never in front of the boys.” </P> <P>Producers illustrate their stories, culled from diaries, journals, and new interviews with actual footage and photos, delivering profound emotional impact. </P> <P>***image8:center***</P> <P>In addition, individual war stories of these 12 Americans will be voiced by the following actors:<BR> <BR>Jack Werner: JUSTIN BARTHA</P> <P>Rockie Blunt: ROB CORDDRY</P> <P>Richard Tregaskis: TIM DEKAY</P> <P>Archie Sweeney: MARK HEFTI </P> <P>Jimmie Kanaya: JAMES KYSON LEE </P> <P>Charles Scheffel: RON LIVINGSTON </P> <P>Bert Stiles: JOSH LUCAS </P> <P>Jack Yusen: JASON RITTER</P> <P>June Wandrey: AMY SMART</P> <P>Nolen Marbrey: STEVE ZAHN</P> <P>Shelby F. Westbrook: LL COOL J </P> <P>Robert Sherrod: ROB LOWE </P> <P>***image13:center***</P> <P>The series is brought to you by executive producers Michael Stiller and David McKillop. WWII in HD is produced for HISTORY by Lou Reda Productions. Executive Producers for Lou Reda Productions are Lou Reda and Scott L. Reda, producer Liz Reph and director Frederic Lumiere, with executive producer Matthew Ginsburg. </P> <P>Please make every effort to see this remarkable series.<BR></P> <DIV><EMBED src= width=420 height=339 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowScriptAccess="always" allowFullScreen="true"></EMBED><BR><B><A href="">WWII in HD on HISTORY – This is No Game</A></B><BR><I>by <A href="">HistoryChannel</A></I></DIV> <P> </P> <DIV></EMBED><FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #fefefe" size=2></FONT><BR></DIV>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.