Review: Slash – Apocalyptic Love

Perk up your ears: I’ll admit am fairly late to this party, given that Slash has just wound up the European leg of his world tour in Dublin and the CD and MP3 release of the album has been out since late summer of last year.

But I was looking for something exceptional to review for Monsters and Critics, and given that am a long time fan of Slash’s virtuosity on guitar from the days of Guns n Roses, I figured why not start off with something that I have only just really become aware of, so you can be introduced to the proverbial kiddy in the sweet shop, which is me.


Just for those that may not know or have been living under a rock, a little background about Slash and what he’s been up to since drifting off from his Guitar playing duties for Velvet Revolver.

Back in 2010, Slash released a solo album with the really imaginative title of ‘Slash,’ which comprised of lots of songs that he’d written with different vocal artist in mind. This first album featured artists such as Ozzy Ozbourne, Lemmy of Motorhead, Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame, who has one hell of a f*cking awesome rock voice if you haven’t heard, and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge.

Thus started what has become a fantastic creative relationship between Slash and Myles Kennedy, who filled in for many of the artists when Slash toured the first Album.

So, summer of last year Slash released Apocalyptic Love, which is a full on collaboration with Slash on guitar and Kennedy doing all the vocal gymnastics and given the man’s range and virtuosity with different vocal styles. Vocal gymnastics is somewhat of an understatement.

Well, ‘What do I think of the album?’ I hear you all asking… my friends, it is simply awesome. So much so, that am considering putting a hit out on myself for not having gone out and gotten it last year, but hey, better late than never as they say.

The range of styles on this album astounds and makes it one of the best if not the best hard rock album have listened to in recent years.

One reviewer on Amazon describes it as a “a rock fueled funk filled adrenaline rush of old school rock and roll,” and I’d be hard pushed to find any fault with that comment.

It has more kick-ass guitar riffs than you can shake a stick at, and the vocals from Myles Kennedy are just as astounding, if not as mesmerizing.

The album starts with the title track ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ which has a rather tasty funk driven guitar riff and also gives us a taste of Kennedy’s full vocal range, but wait! It’s not over.

The next song on the playlist is a punk inspired song titled ‘One Last Thrill,’ which starts with a scream followed by Kennedy singing the lyrics at such speed that it would likely cause a fleet-wide warp core breach on most episodes of Star Trek.

For the song ‘Standing In The Sun’ we have some fantastic drumming and bass playing from Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns, who are members of Slash’s live band.

‘Anastasia’ is somewhat of an ear grabber though because it starts off with a nice gentle flamenco-style acoustic guitar and then kicks things to an entirely different level with a ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ style riff, which changes again to feature some great solo work from Slash and Myles Kennedy showing off both the lower and higher end of his vocal range.

The first single ‘Your A Lie’ was a damned good indicator of what you could expect from this album with its driving chorus and slick guitars, and it only illustrated what a fantastic creative partnership has developed between Slash and Kennedy.

This review is for the MP3 version of the Album, which is available to download through iTunes and on Amazon, but there was a special limited edition CD released, which included a special edition of Classic Rock magazine.  It contains a pin badge, poster and interviews with all band members, more importantly it came with two bonus tracks ‘Carolina’ as well as ‘Crazy Life’.

To sum up, I loved this album and you can bet I’m going to try and get the CD version at the earliest opportunity.  I also hope that this will not be the last collaboration between Slash and Myles Kennedy, because it would be a real shame if it was.


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