Review: ‘Jericho’ is back and better than ever!

Jericho is back and better than ever!</P> <P>Firstly, the nut farmers of America would like to extend hearty congratulations to the fans of Jericho and hope that they hope that they can be of service if CBS decides to cancel the show again (they secretly hope they do since they were able to clear out twenty tons of merchandise and pay some bills). </P> <P>If you’re not aware Jericho was unceremoniously cancelled by CBS and this caused fan outrage.  Firstly, because the show was damn good and secondly, because the series ended with a cliffhanger – which prompted fans to react. Not only react, but go a little nutty! </P> <P>In the episode "Why We Fight" a character repeated the phrase "Nuts!" and this served as inspiration for fans to send those delicious snacks to the offices of CBS (twenty tons all told, donated to charities if not eaten by in the CBS canteen). </P> <P>So when you see a character eating peanuts in the first episode of season two you know that the producers are giving a shout out to those that made this season possible. </P> <P>Our heroes find themselves recovering from an attack from a rival town of New Bern when representatives from the Allied States of America have declared martial law, not to mention that this new government is involved with the Jennings and Rall Corporation. </P> <P>The United States, after the nuclear attacks of season one, have been divided into the Allied States, United States, and Texas going independent.  This season only builds upon the suspense and is just as compelling as the first season. </P> <P>I’m sure that fans will have time to gather their nuts while they watch. If CBS decides to cancel the show again and the mail will and should fill with packages of the titular snack food headed toward the network executives that pulled the plug. </P> <P>Jericho is a show worthy of your attention and lets hope that they can garner the ratings so that we can get the whole story as to why the world was plunged into a nuclear Armageddon.  If not then it’s going to be nuts to CBS.  </P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.