Review: Do overs can work in TV Land’s First Love, Second Chance

TV Land scored a winner with "First Love, Second Chance," a series that coincides with the current Facebook, MySpace and phenomenon on do-over, late in life romances, where the two parties involved still see each other as the teens they fell in love with 20 to 30 odd years ago. <P></P> <P>An interesting aspect to this is that even though time can do a number on some people (PSA time for the ladies: Sun, smoking, drinking and sleeping on your face are bad habits you need to avoid) with the travesties of age, people who were really truly in love don’t see the wrinkles, baldness or fat.  </P> <P>That’s the trick you see, the people who knew you when you were young, remember your vitality and charm; those imprints never fade.  It is why we cherish our oldest friends who knew us carefree and romanticize that those first loves were so powerfully perfect.</P> <P>Now, after life has kicked you around with bad marriages ending in divorce, or none at all, imagine you are in a place and time where the fantasy ex can be reintroduced.  This is the premise to the new series that allows people to reconnect with lost loves.  If you are over 40 and on Facebook, you know exactly what I am talking about.</P> <P>The premiere involves an Australian exchange student, Garry, who lived with a family in Washington state that had a pretty blond daughter named Star Lynn. Cut to today, she is a divorced mother of five living with an ex boyfriend, and he’s a single dad living far away down under.</P> <P>The two spend a week together, trying to see if any of the old attraction is there, and seemingly so, the two spark up again. </P> <P>Garry was an Australian foreign exchange student in the United States who fell in  love with his host family’s daughter, Star Lynn. The two quickly developed a  forbidden romance. But when Star Lynn’s mother found out, she kicked Garry out  of the house and he fled back to Australia without saying good-bye. Now, nearly 30 years later, Star Lynn has sought out her first love to see if they can rekindle the romance of their youth. For one intense week, Star Lynn and Garry will live in each other’s world to see what  could have been, and if anything can still be.  </P> <P>However, their  relationship faces serious obstacles. Not only do they live on different  continents, but Star Lynn lives with her ex-boyfriend, Mark—who’s still in  love with her. </P> <P>The uncomfortable final answer moment is the hook, as the two must deliver video diaries post-reunion after they have had a chance to assess and make a decision.</P> <P>Another episode that hooked me was the New Jersey to Miami couple: Chris and Pam.  It was interesting in that Chris really hadn’t made it yet in his career, and the opposite was true for Pam.  Despite her friends’ judgements and her trepidations, he charmed her back into his arms and down to Florida for a chance on love again, after it had eluded her completely in the Garden State, save for her teen romance with Chris.  </P> <P>Different couples present an array of "what ifs?"  Conundrums and genuinely dramatic twists present that will hook you if this kind of drama is your cuppa.  </P> <P><STRONG>The surprisingly captivating series will premiere Wednesday, March 10.</STRONG></P> <OBJECT id=kickWidget_138495_298371 codeBase=,0,0,0 height=338 width=420 classid=clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000><PARAM NAME="_cx" VALUE="11113"><PARAM NAME="_cy" VALUE="8943"><PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="Src" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="WMode" VALUE="Window"><PARAM NAME="Play" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="Loop" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Quality" VALUE="High"><PARAM NAME="SAlign" VALUE="LT"><PARAM NAME="Menu" VALUE="-1"><PARAM NAME="Base" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="AllowScriptAccess" VALUE="always"><PARAM NAME="Scale" VALUE="NoScale"><PARAM NAME="DeviceFont" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="EmbedMovie" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="BGColor" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="SWRemote" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="MovieData" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="SeamlessTabbing" VALUE="1"><PARAM NAME="Profile" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="ProfileAddress" VALUE=""><PARAM NAME="ProfilePort" VALUE="0"><PARAM NAME="AllowNetworking" VALUE="all"><PARAM NAME="AllowFullScreen" VALUE="true"> <embed src="" name="kickWidget_138495_298371" width="420" height="338" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="window" allowScriptAccess="always" allowFullScreen="true" FlashVars="affiliateSiteId=138495&widgetId=298371&width=420&height=338&mediaType_mediaID=video_943120&autoPlay=0&quot;></embed></OBJECT>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.