Review and interview: USANA’s USA made bars and supplements a rising star

We are already in love with American supplement company USANA’s well organized vitamin packs. The company tailors nutritional supplements to every gender, age and stage of life.

Now USANA has introduced low glycemic replacement nutrition bars that are gluten free, loaded with plenty of protein and fiber. They keep you full between meals and are perfect for those who want to take good care of their bodies yet still crave a tasty snack.

Even for those who do not need to lose weight or reset their metabolism, USANA’s supplementation nutrition bars are perfect to keep on hand in the pantry for emergency meals on the go.

What we tried and loved were:

USANA Go Nuts ‘n’ Berries Nutrition Bar


Small, compact, chewy and satisfying. An all-natural, tasty, nutritious snack packed with peanuts, almonds, chia, and flaxseeds along with raisins and cranberries, creating a perfect union between taste and nutrition. No gluten, soy or dairy.

USANA Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bar


Slightly bigger, chewy, dense, great AM breakfast bar. The Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bar has a delicious, home-baked cookie taste without a lot of calories and fat. It is a low-glycemic snack as well, and that is important because low-glycemic foods raise blood-glucose levels slowly for sustained energy, which keeps you feeling satisfied longer.

USANA CEO Dave Wentz is the perfect frontman for USANA. Athletic, lean and involved in many activities, USANA’s current chief executive officer directs and maintains the vision and integrity of USANA as it continues to grow. He manages the company’s executive team, works closely with the board of directors, and oversees the corporate governance required of a publicly traded company.

Monsters and Critics asked him a few questions regarding his company and wellness tips:


Monsters and Critics: Why does USANA formulate their calcium with and without vitamin K?

Dave Wentz: Vitamin K is involved in the process of blood thickening. Many doctors recommend patients on blood thinners not take vitamin K. So we’ve made a product to meet the need of those people who believe that they should avoid vitamin K. This is one of many aspects of USANA’s personalization program.

M&C: Does USANA have any new and convenient product in the works?

DW: We are currently looking at incorporating new, easy and convenient methods to digest additional products, similar to the way our Booster C 600™, USANA Probiotic and Rev3 Energy® Surge Pack are poured into a favorite beverage and consumed. We want to deliver superior nutritional products in fun and tasty forms.
We also have a new supplement pack that is launching at our Cross Regional Conference in Chicago in mid-April. But that is a surprise announcement for our Associates.

M&C: What are your top 5 tips to build and maintain health over 40 years old?


A.Stay active with cardio and weight training. It’s important to keep your heart and muscles strong and active.
B. Take joint, calcium and fish oil supplements like our Procosa, Active Calcium™ (available with and without vitamin K) and BiOmega™.
C. Based on your doctor recommendations, be sure to receive regular health checkups.
D. Get a personal approach to your nutrition. Not everyone is the same and as people age their needs become increasingly different. The USANA True Health Assessment takes you through a series of questions and then determines the best nutritional supplements and vitamins to support your specific health needs. It provides you with a personalized lifestyle plan that evolves as you do.
E. Challenging thinking games are great way to exercise your brain muscles. Become more involved with puzzles, word games and other stimulating mind games.


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