Revenge: The Complete First Season – DVD Review

Young, beautiful, rich Emily Thorne (Amanda VanCamp) is the perfect addition to the Hamptons social scene.   Purchasing the beach house next door to Grayson Manor she is welcomed into the whirl of lavish parties and summer events hosted by Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe). 

Emily has a secret, she is really Amanda Clarke, daughter of the Grayson’s former neighbor and co-worker who was set up to take the fall for Grayson’s misdeeds.  Emily’s only purpose is to exact revenge on those she holds responsible for the accusation, incarceration and untimely death of her father.

A number of people asked me all during the television season if I was watching Revenge.  I had not been, as an earlier commitment fell into its time slot, but with the show’s release of the first season on DVD I found out what I had been missing. 

We all know the classic quotations concerning revenge, and whether one falls on the “dig two graves” or “an eye for an eye” side of the philosophy, this show is addictive viewing. One doesn’t care that it is over the top drama, or that it has ups and downs in story-telling.  It is undeniably entertaining.  Not since the days of Dallas, Dynasty, Knot’s Landing and Falcon Crest have there been such wealthy people behaving badly with such intrigue, and viewers are fascinated.

The first four episodes of Revenge are nothing short of amazing.  Viewers watch without a clue (and breathlessly) as someone is shot at an Engagement Party in the first few minutes of the first episode.   Then the action is dropped back four months and the story begins to unfold.  An elegant use of voice over by Emily explains the philosophy behind the action, and flash-backs reveal the history and reason for her dark quest. 

Honestly, in spite of what we know about the outcome of revenge, we cheer Emily on, and hate to see the obstacles that inevitably rise in her path of destruction.  But try feeling sorry for any of the other characters, and you can bet in twists and turns of plot they will display flawed natures that seem to scream that they are getting what they deserve. 

In fact they embody the seven deadly sins either singly or in combination as these are a group of greedy, selfish, lazy, envious, angry, snobbish, have it all and want more people.  Even Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) who seems like a saint when compared to his neighbors has a flaw in perception.  He can’t see that Emily is really his long lost Amanda and that the false Amanda is not to be trusted.  Even the dog knows, but not Jack.

Throw “crazy” into the mix with the characters of Tyler Barrol (Ashton Holmes) and Amanda (Margarita Levieva) who is really Emily Thorne and there is no guarantee that solutions will be found for any of the problems, but there will be a lot of action and many many twists of plot.  There are numerous “wow I didn’t see that coming” moments, which ultimately keep the story fresh and moving and viewers entranced and loyal. 

The resident scientist and I think Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) might be the voice of good/conscience (Jiminy Cricket to Emily’s determined Pinnochio) trying to steer Emily away from the dark path she has chosen.  He certainly gets some great lines and humorous moments. 

Revenge: The Complete First Season is presented on five discs with a variety of specials including deleted scenes, bloopers and some highly entertaining featurettes highlighting the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Dangerous.”

Fans will definitely want to have the set, and for those of you who missed it the first time, this is the perfect way to catch up before Season Two.  I can’t wait!

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