Relationship Therapist on Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce

The legal battle between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise will be tempered by several key elements.

Psychiatrist, TV Host and Relationship Therapist Dr. Reef Karim, owner of The Control Center in Beverly Hills, CA, shared his thoughts with us on the Katie and Tom divorce situation.

“Maintaining a long term relationship and marriage is hard for any couple and more than 50 percent of couples can’t keep it together and work things out. Add the fact you’re a celebrity with very little privacy, few people who you trust because many people won’t tell you the truth due to financial interests and the fact that your wedding, interviews and social life have been big, big news for five years… and you’ve got the makings of enormous added pressure to keep a marriage together.

Additionally, money can make the world a better place or a miserable place. And when you have money and fame and the deals, competition and often times ‘contracts’ that go along with it, you now have many potential areas of conflict that will ultimately stress a relationship.”

The recent press reports are revealing the key issues for the TomKat divorce. Among them are:


First, all reports indicate that Katie is not getting a windfall thanks to a solid pre-nuptial agreement. Lawyers discussing the case in the news cede she will most likely win a large child support settlement for daughter Suri, who is now enrolled in a Catholic school in New York State.


The Scientologists are running a different tactic with Holmes for fear of the less savory insider information on husband Tom and the alleged bizarre things that go on  behind closed doors in the cult that claims we are thetan aliens who are here by the grace of Xenu, the constructed god of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard’s mind.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s looming divorce pose a whole new level of embarrassing reveals on the tax-exempt cult that includes Kirsty Alley, John Travolta, Jenna Elfman and numerous Hollywood and music types.


The “church” leader David Miscavige, who was best man at their wedding, is another person of media interest who has had terrible allegations raised in the media of late.

Having filed for divorce in New York while her husband was in Iceland filming Oblivion, Katie Holmes’ circle leaked to Harvey Levin’s that she feared Scientology was following her. TMZ in fact discovered they were.

The public well remembers when the KSW, or Keeping Scientology Working – Tom Cruise “indoctrination video,” was leaked to Gawker.

Katie’s Dad is a Family Law Attorney

But even more important is that with the Cruise–Holmes showdown coming in court, Katie has her own father to help her fight a well-organized cult/church that has allegedly bullied many defectors in the past.

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