Reese Witherspoon talks about Joaquin Phoenix’s dropping out of acting

Reese Witherspoon played June Carter-Cash in the fantastic biopic, “Walk the Line” alongside Joaquin Phoenix, who starred as Johnny Cash.

The film netted many awards, including a 2005 Oscar for Best Actress to Witherspoon.

Witherspoon revealed to Extra that for Christmas, she likes to dress her Oscar from the James Mangold film.  

She admits, “We put a little Santa hat on it and scarf because it gets cold.” 

“Extra” broke the news to Witherspoon that her Walk the Line co-star Joaquin Phoenix plans to quit acting.  Witherspoon says, “I didn’t even know he said that…I hope not. He’s such a great actor.”

Reese also won’t let the paparazzi ruin her life, no matter where they track her down with her kids or her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

“I always wonder where they get the pictures, but I can’t live my life like looking in the bushes, wondering where people are. There are certain things I have to do to just avoid the obvious places,” Witherspoon says.

She is now starring in Four Christmases, and tells “Extra” the strangest holiday gift she ever received was a dead squirrel.

Witherspoon explains, “My dad’s a doctor and his patients used to always send him weird things because we grew up in Tennessee so it’s country. One year they sent a dead squirrel…as dinner. So we had it in the freezer for like three years…My brother and I were daring each other to touch it for like $10.”

An “Extra” viewer via Fan Cam asks Witherspoon, “Would you let your kids get into acting?” Witherspoon responded, “I would want my kids to do whatever makes them happy and right now they’re not interested in acting but they love to sing, play music…”

“Extra’s” interview with Reese Witherspoon airs tonight and for more on this story, click here



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