Red Lily by Nora Roberts

Pregnant and alone, Hayley Phillips sought out distant cousin Roz Harper in hopes of finding a decent job as well and a means of rebuilding her life after the death of her father. Roz gave her considerably more as she welcomed Hayley into her home while offering employment with the family gardening business. Hayley still can’t believe how well her life as turned out since those first days, she has lovely two year old Lily, a great job working with the public, is learning about horticulture and has become a treasured member of the family. Perhaps that is why she is becoming increasingly aware of her attraction to Roz’s oldest son Harper.

The growing attraction between Hayley and Harper appears be triggering escalating visitations and attacks by long term resident ghost Amelia. Clearly something in the family history has tied this demented woman to the Harper house. She has sung lullabies to all the children raised in the home while terrorizing the adults with her twisted hated for more then a century. Now Hayley has become the latest target in attacks which take over her mind and body at will. It’s frightening for all concerned and as Hayley and Harper grow closer, the attacks are becoming more frequent, more potent leaving Hayley reeling from their impacts and placing her life in danger.

It is up to the entire extended Harper family to figure out what Amelia wants, how to put her to rest before something unspeakable happens. Can the riddle be solved before Amelia can destroy all that Hayley and Harper hold dear?

Although Red Lily is the final installment of the In the Garden trilogy which follows three women who eventually become family, it stands quite nicely on its own. There is enough paranormal activity to keep this smoothly paced romance novel interesting. Although there aren’t any major surprises with the plot this still makes for an entertaining read with well thought out characters, some snappy dialog and a touch of humor.

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