Recap: Bethenny Getting Married? “Getting More Than Married”

On this week’s season finale, Bethenny and baby Bryn get a visit from fellow Real Housewives of New York alum, Ramona.

Ramona gets emotional as she holds the baby, reminiscing about her own daughter. Bethenny and Ramona then share some wine as they catch up. Bethenny broaches the subject of having more babies and Ramona shares her personal experience of why she didn’t have another child. Bethenny jokes about how eager Jason is to be intimate again.

Soon after, Bethenny is in the kitchen preparing food. Jason comments on how wonderful her body is already. He says he had serious doubts about her body bouncing back. Bethenny replies that she wants to keep Jason’s eyes on her and no one else.

Soon, the day of the baby shower arrives. The event is being held at Spachakra. Event planner, Shawn, is in full gear as he and his team set up for the event. Shawn had a special cake from one of Bethenny’s favorite bakeries shipped in from California. Unfortunately, the cake arrives in less than mint condition. The decorations are slightly damaged and Shawn is completely freaking out. Lucky for him, the bakery sent along a repair kit and he and his associate make a quick touch up and the crisis is averted.

The guests begin arriving at the baby shower. Bethenny begins having a great time sharing cocktails with her guests and soon starts opening her gifts. She receives a beautiful silver sippy cup and promptly pours a little sangria into it and drinks out of it. Bethenny wants to avoid having conversation about the baby, but ends up talking about breastfeeding first. Jason arrives with Bethenny’s assistant, Max, bearing flowers.

All the guests are then treated to massages, manicures, and pedicures. Bethenny encourages all her guests to start first and that she’ll get her treatments last. Bethenny walks into a treatment room to find Max laying naked on a massage table. Bethenny quickly rips into him and starts berating him for not allowing the other guests to go first. He tries to talk his way out of it but Bethenny isn’t having any of it. Max quickly gets up and gets dressed.

Bethenny has to fly to Chicago for work and it’s her first time leaving the baby. She has a mini-meltdown as she prepares for the trip. She has no desire to leave baby Bryn, but has no choice but to go. She’s back very soon and is so happy to be reunited with her family. She remarks that she is completely different now. Before the baby she’d travel for work without a thought but now her priority is her family.

This week Bethenny pays a visit to her therapist Dr. Amador. He remarks that she looks happy and she replies that she’s gotten some sleep. She talks about her first trip away from the baby and Dr. Amador questions if being married and having a child has helped her find balance between work and life.

Bethenny says that she is feeling some anxiety but feels lucky that she can work from home and still be with the baby. Dr. Amador commends Bethenny for the tremendous amount of emotional work that she has managed to accomplish in such a short time. Bethenny reflects on her emotional accomplishments and looks happy and satisfied with life.

Max and Bethenny visit The Children’s Place to look for some clothes for Bryn. Bethenny has no clue about children’s clothes and gets help from the saleswoman and Max. Max keeps the mood light and cracks jokes throughout the shopping trip. He makes himself useful and holds all of the things that Bethenny picks out. They talk about their upcoming trip to the Hamptons.

Jason, Bethenny, and crew (Julie, Max, and Gina) prepare to head out to the Hamptons. It’s the family’s first car trip and there is so much stuff that they have to take two cars.

On the way there, Bethenny and Jason discuss with Gina their different opinions about the baby crying. Bethenny gets completely upset when Bryn cries, where as Jason is more relaxed about it. As if right on cue, Bryn starts crying in the car. Jason prepares to pull over but the baby stops crying. They then realize that they forgot a crib and the nursing pillow.

The group arrives at the hotel and quickly settle in. The topic of sex comes up again as Gina asks if Montauk is at the tip of the Long Island. Apparently this is the longest six weeks of Jason’s life. Bethenny makes a joke about the name Montauk and laughs hysterically.

Later on, Bethenny, Jason, Max, and Julie enjoy some drinks outside. The group decides to play a little football, Jason and Bethenny versus Max and Julie. Max starts coaching Julie and takes the game very seriously. Bethenny and Jason have a hard time communicating while they play. Max and Julie get a touchdown first and win the game.

Jason and Max start preparing for their lunch BBQ when Max asks Jason to rub some sunscreen on his back. Bethenny finds the situation mildly disturbing and questions Max’s sexuality even though Jason has no problem with it. Bethenny starts ripping up some pages of her new book and throws it onto the barbecue. Bethenny insists that she needs to start over with it.

The group goes out to dinner. Bethenny remarks about how different life has changed in a year. Last year, Bethenny and Jason were partying it up at clubs in the Hamptons and now they’re enjoying a quiet dinner. The topic of sex comes up and the group enjoys joking around about it. Bethenny takes a moment to toast each person in the group.

She thanks Gina for teaching them everything about taking care of the baby. She thanks Max for his hard work this year. She thanks Julie for being her rock and being so dependable. She thanks Jason for being a great husband and father.

Finally, she thanks baby Bryn for being in their lives.

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