Rapper/actor Mos Def busted for performing “Katrina Clap” outside MTV VMAs

>Mos Def, who has made a successful career as both a rapper and actor, was arrested on Thursday following the performance of his song “Katrina Clap” in front of the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. He was given a summons to appear in court for operating a sound reproduction device without a permit, but was not charged with a crime. The rapper’s representatives have stated he plans to contest the arrest.

Along with his party, Def pulled up to the red carpet outside Radio City Music Hall on a flatbed truck, and began his unscheduled concert for the crowd that had gathered outside the annual event. A New York Police Department spokesperson has stated the police did ask Def to stop the show due to concerns about crowd control, but the rapper’s people are calling the arrest “unjust.”

Def’s publicist has been quoted as saying the rapper’s performance was an effort to remind people of the “still-lingering effects the storm continues to have on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans” and that he did not plan to get arrested or break any of the city’s laws. The publicist also pointed out that Def did stop the performance when he was made aware of the police’s concerns about crowd control.

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