Rapper T.I. Is All About The Love, And Other Interview Tidbits

Did you know that rapper  T.I. is “all about the love?”

His midget wife, his larger than life existence is the subject of a piece in the November issue of ELLE, online now and on newsstands nationwide October 21.


Image courtesy of Elle

ELLE Women in Hollywood issue hits newsstands nationwide on October 21

Rapper T.I. may get down and dirty on the mic with collaborators like Nelly, 2 Chainz, and Eminem, but, as Mickey Rapkin learns in the November issue of ELLE, the unexpected family man is really all about the love.

To read the full Q&A with T.I., head over to ELLE.com  or check it out on the digital newsstand, and at newsstands nationwide on October 21.

T.I. on his definition of “mediocre ho” in the song “No Mediocre”:

“Sometimes it’s a fashion thing. Sometimes it’s the attitude thing. I think women are born on a pedestal, and the only thing that can remove them is a lack of respect for themselves.”

T.I. on sex on the beach which he raps about in the song “No Mediocre”:

“I’ve had sex on a beach. Not exactly in Bermuda. It was more of a metaphor…You gotta have your utensils together, you know what I’m saying? A towel, a blanket—come prepared for the elements. It’s the kind of thing you do once, say you’ve done it, and then say, “Okay, okay, it’s enough. Let’s go somewhere else.”

T.I. on the hardest part about having teenage daughters:

“Knowing when to allow a little room for maturing and when to step in and put your foot down and discipline.”

T.I. on his time in prison and the lesson he learned from it about women and relationships:

“I saw so many guys worrying about their women and what they’re doing and all that shit. They end up making their time so much harder on themselves. You don’t know where they’re at, so there’s no use worrying yourself about it.”


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