Queen Latifah and girlfriend reportedly to split

Actress Queen Latifah and her longtime girlfriend, Jeanette Jenkins are on the verge of a split, according to Perez Hilton.

Allegedly the pair have been an item for a few years, and Hilton reports that they “have been arguing a lot lately, several sources on the set of Hairspray reveal to PerezHilton.com.”

Latifah was on location in Toronto filming the movie musical with John Travolta, and Hilton claims she took Jeanette to Canada.

“Latifah tells everyone that Jeanette is her trainer – and she does work in fitness – but on the set they haven’t kept their relationship a secret,” says one unnamed tattler to Hilton.

“There is a third party involved,” says the unnamed squealer. “The Queen has been cheating!”

Hilton reports that Latifah and Jeanette “were seen getting into fights at their hotel – the SoHo Metropolitan – two nights in a row recently.”

“It wasn’t pretty,” says a source.


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