Queen Keen To Support Kim

Queen Latifah is desperately trying to reach recently convicted rap pal Lil’ Kim to offer her support.

The hip-hop star was last month (MAR05) found guilty of perjury, and looks certain to face a custodial sentence – something Latifah is convinced she doesn’t deserve.

The rapper-turned-movie star tells Allhiphop.com, “I tried to call her, but her voicemail was full. But I’m gonna reach out again just to let her know I support her. You know, because she’s standing up for people who ain’t even standing up for her, and getting convicted.

“I really hope they don’t give her any jail time, but this kind of stuff sometimes it requires you to give people time, and I just don’t think justice would be served putting that girl in jail.

“I think lessons are learned, ‘Okay, point taken: don’t lie and don’t stand up for people who ain’t standing up for you.'”

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