Queen guitarist Brian May upset with MySpace fakes

Brian May, the guitarist for the legendary rock band Queen, is tired of the fakers at MySpace (the extremely popular new Internet hangout for just about anyone looking to promote music or make friends) for posting “official” pages for the performer.

May blasted the fakers with a post on his own website stating “right now I’m feeling more and more powerless, and depressed about the way the Internet is going. It seems nothing is protectable anymore. The Internet seems to have made it easy for any git to pretend he is someone else.”

The guitarist attack is stemmed at as many as three MySpace “blogs” that claim to be written by May – which left him feeling “like going over there and applying a fist or two,” according to the statement.

May finished up his post on his official websites by stating for the record that there is no Brian May page on MySpace and that he doesn’t ever plan on creating one. He also attacked the people who run the MySpace website for their lack of responsibility in keeping these sort of fake blogs from appearing.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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