PSP price drop in US, no change in Europe

If you’ve been looking for the perfect time to get into handheld gaming, this might be it.


Starting today, the PSP Core Pack is being marked down from $199.99 (EUR 150 / GBP 100) to $169.99 (EUR 130 / GBP 85) at U.S. Gamestop and EB Game retailers.


The Core pack includes a PSP, battery and adaptor, and retails for GBP 150 in the UK.


Sony said this when asked if they had any plans to cut the price in Europe:


“We have no announcements to make about the PSP in the European market at this time.”


The PSP shares the makority of the handheld market with the Nintendo DS Lite, its main competition. At USD 129.99 / GBP 99.99, the DS is less expensive then the PSP, even with Sony’s price drop.


To date, more than 3 million DS units have now been sold in the UK, securing Nintendo a 68 percent share of the market.

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