PS3 on sale for under £400

Less then a week after the European launch of PlayStation 3, UK retailer has slashed the price of the console to under GBP 400 – selling it for GBP 25 less then the recommended retail price.

The official RRP of the 60GB PS3 at launch in Europe last Friday was GBP 425 / EUR 599. However, smart shoppers can now snag a system for on Aria’s website GBP 340.38 excluding VAT, or GBP 399.95 inclusive.

Aria founder and managing director Aria Taheri told GamingIndustry.Biz, “We’re running a promotion to create market awareness. This offer will only run for a limited period, and we have a limited quantity of machines available at this price.”

Taheri continued, “Rather than put money into marketing, we like to keep prices low – so the money is passed on and our customers are happy.”

Based in Manchester, normally sells PC components and peripherals.  He went on to confirm that the price cut is part of Aria’s attempt to secure a foothold in the gaming market and not a move to shift excess PS3 stock, adding, “We have regular stock coming in.”

Taheri also revealed that a deadline for the promotion has not yet been locked down, stating, “We may end the promotion next week, or it could be two weeks or in a month’s time. It all just depends on how things go.”

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