Prisoner of the Inquisition – Book Review

Set in sixteenth century Spain; this is the story of Zarita – a girl who has lived a life of wealth and privilege; only to find it all collapse around her.  From being the pampered only daughter of the town’s magistrate, she finds herself living in a convent, unwanted by her new stepmother. 

Then the inquisition arrives and Zarita only just manages to escape their clutches.  Sent on an errand to the royal court; Zarita comes under scrutiny again – and this time the agents of the Inquisition are determined to find fault. 

To make matters worse, Zarita meets up with Saulo who has long vowed vengeance on her for the wrongful arrest of his father.  Can Zarita survive?  It makes an intriguing story, tracing the life of one girl through a turbulent period. 

Told very much from Zarita’s viewpoint, it shows how she slowly matures from girl into woman. Teenage girls will enjoy this book, and find lots of ways in which to empathize with Zarita. The ending is definitely a surprise!