Prince William graduates, is army officer

Prince William graduated on December 15th from Sandhurst military academy and received his commission as an army officer.

William now joins the ranks of the Blues and Royals, the regiment in which his brother, Harry, is already serving and one of two that make up the Household Cavalry, reports the Guardian

Longtime girlfriend and widely speculated as Wils future wife, Kate Middleton, was at Camberley, Surrey, to attend the ceremony on the historic parade ground, where  Queen Elizabeth, Wils grandmother, reviewed the troops.

The prince will continue his army life with his regiment in Windsor.

Troops from Wils regiment have served in the Falklands conflict, the 1991 Gulf war, Bosnia, Kosovo and in Iraq, as well as Northern Ireland reports the Guardian.

William joined the Blues and Royals with the aim of becoming an armored reconnaissance troop leader, it is reported by the Guardian.

Both Wils and Harry are in the same regiment in the army. 

Princes William and Harry both commented on the unrelenting speculation and conspiracy theorists regarding their mother’s death. In a released statement that they were grateful to Lord Stevens and his investigatory team for their thoroughness and professionalism, and hoped the findings would put to rest the talk surrounding the death of their mother.

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