Prince Harry reports for duty

Accompanied by his father, Prince Charles, 20-year-old Prince Harry arrived at the historic Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on Sunday to begin 44 weeks of officer training.

College commandant Major General Andrew Ritchie, academy adjutant Major George Waters and warrant officer class 1 Major Vince Gaunt were there to greet Prince Harry upon his arrival.

When asked if he thought the prince could handle the extensive training, Ritchie told the press, “Of course, he has. Every cadet has passed the selection process. Everyone has got it in them.” The major general also commented, “He did very well on his selection course. He’s a physically fit young man who’s determined to be an Army officer.”

In a statement issued by Clarence House, Harry said: “I am really excited. I want to get on with it and do the best job I can do.”

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