Primeval, Volume 1 comes to DVD and M&C’s giving away action figures from the show

The hit sci-fi series Primeval has hit DVD in a Volume 1 collection, and M&C is giving away action figures from the show!

There’s a new link in the food chain… and we’re it!

When evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter discovers prehistoric creatures alive and well in the present-day, the natural world is turned on its head, and humanity faces a threat to its very existence.

Unexplained anomalies are ripping holes in the fabric of time, allowing creatures from the very earliest stages of Earth’s development to roam the modern world.

Whether it’s prehistoric predator Gorgonopsid rampaging through a quiet suburban neighborhood or a swarm of super-sized spiders in the subway, Cutter and his team find themselves up against some seriously beastly opponents.

These puzzling creatures all have the same simple fact in common – they don’t belong here. Cutter, his research assistant Stephen Hart, zoologist Abby Maitland, and student paleontologist Connor Temple race to understand what’s happening, while government bureaucrats James Lester and Claudia Brown insist they keep the danger secret from the public.

As the past threatens to invade the present and destroy the future, Cutter’s crew faces a life-and-death race against time.

Primeval, Volume 1 bonus material includes:

“The Making Of ‘Primeval'”
“Through The Anomaly – Behind-The-Scenes Featurette”
Audio Commentary

The Prizes:

Five (5) winners will receive a Connor Temple and Future Predator action figure set and an Abby Maitland with Rex and Dodos action figure set
Two (2) winners will receive a Stephen Hart and 3 Giant Arachnids action figure set and a Professor Nick Cutter & 2 Hesperonis action figure set
One (1) winner will receive a Professor Nick Cutter & Time Anomaly action figure set

To enter, contestants need to provide a name and e-mail address. Upon notification of winning, contestants will have five days to reply with the name and address of where their prize should be sent.

Sorry, but this competition is open to residents of the USA only.

Primeval, Volume 1 is now available at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for this version of the DVD set in the UK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

Click Here to enter to win a set of the Primeval Action Figures!

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