Preview ‘Walk this Way’ Ray Donovan, Liev Schreiber Directs Turning Point in Season VIDEOS

There’s nothing like Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”on TV.

Showrunner Ann Biderman’s tale of a damaged Southie hood made good in LaLa land is coming into its own in season two, with outstanding performances all around. Who would have though Sherilyn Fenn, once a sultry siren, would have let anyone cast her as a sex-starved ambitious matron Donna, married to Cochran (Hank Azaria) and also the butt of several well-placed “mom” jokes? Brilliant.

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Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Is escape from Calabasas even possible?
Add to that, one very bitter neglected hausfrau Abbie. Angry teens Bridgette and Con? Check. Conniving Grampy Mickey D? Check. A couple of brothers who cannot get out of their own way? One half-black brother who seems to be trying to escape the Donovan curse? Oh yeah. Then the icing on the cake, Lena and Avi, who are the greased lightening to Ray Donovan’s daily wheel of getting it all done. We should all have assistants like them.

Liev Schreiber is making his directorial debut!

The series star takes the reins as director in a game-changing episode of the show’s second season. The episode titled “Walk this Way,” finds the whole Donovan family together for the first time this season to celebrate Conor’s birthday.

But tensions run high and Ray will handle the mounting pressure as you’ve never seen before. This marks Liev’s first time directing television.

Tune in this Sunday, August 24th at 9pm ET/PT on SHOWTIME.