Police starting to question rapper Beanie Sigel’s claims about being shot and robbed

Police detectives are starting to question statements from rapper Beanie Sigel concerning a shooting and robbery that he claims happened to him a block from his childhood home about three months ago.

Detectives were quoted in newspapers as saying they did not believe the rapper, and that there were “a million-and-one holes in his story.”

Sigel (32) told police he was assaulted and robbed on May 25th. He reported that he was trapped by two cars and several men. He was then robbed of a watch and chain (which he claims were worth $75,000), and $3,000 in cash. The robbers then shot him in the shoulder.

Police have begun to question Sigel’s statements based on the lack of evidence they have been able to turn up in their investigation. They have reported that no one has been found that witnessed the robbery or even heard gunshots, and there were no shell casings recovered from the scene of the crime. Sigel also reportedly argued with detectives when they wanted to photograph his gunshot wound and questioned him about the attack.

The rapper’s attorney has stated the lack of belief by police is the result of Sigel’s past criminal charges – which include serving a year in prison on a gun charge. He was also acquitted on attempted murder in September 2005. Sigel has released three studio albums that spawned hits on the Billboard charts.

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