Poison lead Bret Michaels pens tell all book

Reuters reports that Bret Michaels, the cute, blonde lead for the 80s band Poison, will have a tell all book titled “Roses and Thorns: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy to My Reality.”

“It gives you the sex, the drugs, the rock ‘n’ roll, but it also gives you the diabetes. It gives you every aspect of my life and what I’m going through. I think it’s pretty frank. It’s honest. It’s at times self-deprecating. It’s about what happens when you try to live out your dream and the reality of it all sets in and it’s the hardest and the strangest thing you will ever do. I think when you read it you’ll really get the understanding of what it’s all about,” the Reuters article states.

He has also been the center of his own reality show titled “Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels” where he has worked on trying to find someone to date. Though the rocker has had no luck so far, but as the article states, he is hoping that the “third time will be the charm.”

Amazon has not yet released what the cover of the book is going to be, so fans will just have to wait and see.

If you’d like to know more, visit the Reuters article.

And Bret, I bought your tape in 7th grade, and wanted you to marry me. But thankfully you didn’t since I was only 12. Some crushes never die. *sigh*

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