Playground – Book Review

Bullying is a problem in virtually every school and for those bullied it can be a nightmare.  This story is written from the point of view of someone who snapped and suddenly became a bully. 

Scared about his weight, suffering severe home problems, and in a new school he feels he is being picked on. 

He attacks another boy in the playground. As a result, he is required to visit a therapist on a regular basis. Slowly over the next few months, his attitudes begin to change as he tells his story. 

Even his father’s views come under scrutiny.  This is the story of a boy undergoing major change and it makes fascinating reading.  Written in a style and format accessible to any teenager it does make you think about the world of a bully or a bullied child. 

Interesting reading, in a story format which is outwardly non challenging yet succeeds in getting an anti-bullying message across effectively.