Playboy and Hugh Hefner

Aren’t you just dying to know? Yes? No? Not really? Too bad. This latest book has the title of “Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream.”

Steven Watts is the author, and according to the AP:

“Watts aims to give a full account of the man, his magazine and their place in social history. Hefner cooperated, giving the author access to everything from his personal scrapbooks to a 1972 memo from a Playboy administrative assistant on the Rolling Stones’ four-day romp at the old Chicago Playboy mansion (they left behind burned towels and clogged pipes; it’s unclear why).”

Publishers Weekly states:

“Watts evokes a time when Playboy was seen by its critics as a key symptom of decadence in American life, and is at his best when exploring his subject’s early years, showing how Hefner’s sexual and material ethic of self-fulfillment drove him to challenge the social conventions of postwar America.”

The AP also notes:

“This is a fun book. How could it not be? But it bogs down occasionally. Watts tends to over quote the many news articles he has researched,”

Click here to read the full article. Wiley is the publisher.


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