Piers Morgan Officially Ends Run With CNN


Piers Morgan, the CNN primetime host and British journalist took to his Twitter page Tuesday morning, confirming that he will no longer appear on CNN, the cable news network.

The former NBC “Celebrity Apprentice” winner turned Larry King replacement on CNN said: “I was offered a new 2-year deal by CNN boss Jeff Zucker to host 40 big interview ‘specials,’” Morgan said via Twitter. “But after considerable thought, I decided not to accept it – and to try pastures new.”

Morgan slotted in for King in January of 2011 with a celebrity-interview show.  Morgan was under fire constantly by the National Rifle Association for his vocal stance against guns in America especially voiced after the Newtown,Connecticut shootings.

In February of this year, CNN announced it would replaced it in March, largely with some of its documentary series.

Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper, who helped form the backbone of CNN’s primetime lineup with Morgan, remain on the air in the CNN’s 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. hours, respectively.


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