Phil Spector Trial, A slice of ‘Punkin Pie’ and Michael Bay

The never ending trial of Phil Spector has passed the 30 day mark easily, and continues with a bizarre array of witnesses who speculate on the mental state of the murder victim or suicide case – if you are for the defense – actress Lana Clarkson.

Enter “Punkin Pie” Irene Elizabeth Laughlin, whose weepy testimony outlined a Clarkson that was done with Los Angleles and at the end of her tether.

The rest of Punkin Pie and her court outfit

The rest of Punkin Pie and her court outfit

On Court TV Punkin recounted a tearful phone call just days before Lana died of a gunshot wound at Phil Spector’s home, and that Lana was “sick of Hollywood” and “wanted out”.

Pie gave testimony that Clarkson was sick over her acting career failures and told her: “I can’t take it anymore. I’m sick of this town. I want out.”



Allegedly the “best friend” of Lana, Punkin Pie Laughlin, who was to return to the witness stand Tuesday, was included in the defense legal team’s claim that the 40-year-old actress was suicidal when she went to Spector’s home on Feb. 3, 2003, which set her off to shoot herself in the face, according to the defense.

On Court TV, Prosecutor Alan Jackson aggressively cross-examined Punkin, recalling other friends had testified that Clarkson was not suicidal and had a generally happy personality.  Jackson suggested that Laughlin and a previous witness, Jennifer Hayes-Riedl, “exaggerated” Clarkson’s alleged depression.

According to Punkin Pie and the Hayes-Reidl, Clarkson “was humiliated that she was working for $9 an hour” at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.

Jackson countered her House of Blues job was a good one. “She didn’t get a job slingin’ hash at Denny’s right?” he asked.

“Yes,” a terse Punkin Pie replied.

Jackson pushed Pie asking her why she didn’t call Clarkson’s family or a suicide prevention line if she thought Clarkson was so depressed.

“It was very frightening,” Laughlin said. “But I calmed her down. I didn’t think anything was imminent.”

Pie confessed that when detectives came to her door, she didn’t mention any of the suicidal or depressed opinions she had of Clarkson.

Jackson then accused her of juicing up her story in hopes of a book deal.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Laughlin said, saying here was no book.



Pie told stories that Clarkson was able to “put on a happy face,” but a fateful meeting with director Michael Bay, who Lana once worked for, resulted in a devasted Clarkson upset over the fact that Bay did not recognize her.  She left the party in tears.

Prosecutors claim that Phil Spector, 67, shot Clarkson in his foyer in the face as she was leaving.

The music producer’s chauffeur, Brazilian born Adriano De Souza, testified about waiting for two hours outside Spector’s home for Clarkson’s departure, then hearing a gunshot around 5 a.m.

De Souza testified that right after the gunshot, Spector came outside holding a gun telling him, “I think I killed somebody.”

The trial is aired live on Court TV.  source


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