Petty Snoop Dogg Feud with Iggy Azalea; William H. Macy Visits ‘The Talk’ VIDEOS

How stupid was the petty, small-minded slag that grown-ass father (one kid of his has Lupus) Snoop Dogg decided to pull on social media on Aussie pop star Iggy Azalea, the rap community’s favorite white whipping post these days.



Snoop had to have a laugh, posting a photo of an Albino Aboriginal and claiming it was “White Chicks” lookalike (to Snoop) Iggy. Imagine if the reverse happened and Iggy randomly posted a white person with too much bronzer and a hook nose claiming it was Snoop? Right.

Azalea was blindsided by the foolishness and of course lashed out at him on Twitter. More stupidity ensured until some of Snoop’s PR and management handlers took over and made him apologize publicly and bury the hatchet.  T.I. is reportedly involved in his mea culpa too.

After this disgusting obscene mess was posted:


Meanwhile ISIS and Ebola are kicking humanity’s ass in the real news.  Dogg has revealed what a low life he really is, apology or not.

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