Peter Pan (Three-Disc Diamond Edition) – Blu-ray Review – CLIPS ADDED!

A special offer for today, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, for those who buy Peter Pan without delay will get a free tattoo.  Well, maybe not (unless it’s a skull and crossbones, but you have to join Hook’s crew and set out to sea).  Peter Pan comes to Blu-ray with a wonderful portion of fairy dust. 

John (voiced by Paul Collins), Michael (Tommy Luske), and Wendy Darling (Kathryn Beaumont) are the children of a banker in London.  Wendy tells the boys of the Peter Pan and his magical adventures in Neverland. 

One evening when their parents are going to a party, Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll) actually does fly into their nursery.  He’s lost his shadow to their dog Nana and has come back to recover it along with his fairy pal Tinkerbell.  They recover the shadow but wake up Wendy in the process.  Peter decides to take her to Neverland, much to Tinkerbell’s disappointment since she’s jealous of Wendy. 

Soon she, John, and Michael are off to Neverland.  Once there they have various adventures and face the villainous Captain Hook (Hans Conried), who has a hungry crocodile chasing him, and his gang of pirates led by the bumbling Mr. Smee (Bill Thompson). 

Peter Pan is certified classic in the Disney canon as is J.M. Barrie’s play.  Disney was so taken with Peter Pan that he wanted to make it after Snow White.  It would take decades for it to be made though.  Peter Pan is also one of my favorites.  We had some time to kill before bedtime so we put on Peter Pan and my four-year-old loved it as well. 

Every fumble of Tinkerbell or the ticking Croc chasing after Capt. Hook was met with raucous laughter and it was fun seeing him discover Peter Pan.  I could appreciate some things he might not as the Blu-ray looks fantastic.  It also ports over the grand special features from the original release as well as adding some delightful new items. 

Peter Pan is presented in a 1080p transfer (1.33:1), but you can view it in DisneyView that adds art to the pillarbox bars as well as play with or without an introduction by Diane Disney Miller (1 minute) and even as a sing-along version.  Pausing during the film will also give you a special treat.  

Special features include a commentary by Roy Disney (found under Classic DVD bonuses), the 41 minute “Growing up with Nine Old Men” with the animator’s children talking about those nine founding animators, 15 minutes of deleted songs and scenes, and the Classic DVD Bonus Features (Disney Song Selection, Music and More (17 minutes), and Classic Backstage Disney (65 minutes). 

You also get a DVD copy, digital copy, and you can download the Disney storybook app. 

Peter Pan is pirate’s treasure and Disney does their typical smashing job of bringing it to high-definition.  It certainly lives up to the moniker diamond edition.  Sprinkle on some pixie dust and fly down to your local retailer and make sure you get Peter Pan.

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