Peter Cook and Diane Bianchi sex tape allegations

The Peter Cook and Diane Bianchi story is far from over.

Allegations have emerged there is video of their illicit affair, that ended the marriage between Cook and Christie Brinkley.

The divorce proceedings for Cook and Brinkley were the talk of Long Island during the summer, when reports surfaced of the payola to Bianchi and large amounts of money Cook used to fund an Internet porn habit.

TV show Extra obtained a statement from Diana Bianchi’s attorney, Rosemarie Arnold, responding to the reports that Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook has a sex tape with his former teenage mistress.

The statement reads, “Whatever tape is out there it was recorded surreptitiously without her consent.  My partner Joe Tacopina and I are reviewing Diana’s legal options.  Mr. Cook can sit with Barbara Walters and claim to be a lamb but he is still a wolf.”

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