Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson’s baby talk and more

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and and Ashlee Simpson sat down with “Extra” in Las Vegas and opened up about six-week-old Bronx, their New Year’s resolutions and why they posted son’s first photo online rather than selling it to magazine.

As for Simpson’s expectations for 2009, she comments, “The thing I’m looking forward to is watching Bronx discover life…the first time he laughs, first time he crawls…” Wentz continues, “It’s kind of cool to go back to someone else and care for someone and have responsibility….It’s one of the few aspects of life where the clichés are totally true.”

Wentz reveals his New Year’s resolution saying, “I’m working on not swearing around Bronx…I know I have a bit of a bad mouth.” Simpson adds, “I’m more of a ‘Gee golly!’ kind of person.”

When asked why the couple posted Bronx’s first photo online rather than selling it to a tabloid magazine, Wentz explained, “People came and made offers to us…[But] it seems strange that your first picture would be next to ‘Who’s hot! Who’s not!’”

Since giving birth, Simpson has gone back to her roots. “I couldn’t put bleach to my head while I was pregnant, so I’m happy to be blonde again” She’s also been shedding the pregnancy weight and reveals her secret saying, “I’m being a mom. I’m breast-feeding and when I get a chance to work out, I’m working out.”

Wentz has no complaints, declaring, “I think she’s a babe!”

When asked if the couple plan to have more kids, Wentz exclaims, “So that’d be nine for me. Kids.” Simpson responds, “Whoo! We’ve got some work to do….Definitely more kids.”

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