Pete Doherty is in love with his drugs

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty pleaded guilty to possessing drugs again, coming from an arrest last week in London, plus two other drug-related incidents from earlier this year.

The singer was charged with seven counts of drug possession Thursday, including crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana. On Friday, after spending the night in jail, he pleaded guilty to five of those counts. His sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 4.

At one point there seemed to be light at the end of his dark tunnel, with model Kate Moss’ being seen with him, sporting what some speculated was an engagement ring.

It was when she was with Doherty that she was snapped in the act of using cocaine, creating a huge loss of endorsements and public castigation.

Moss has bounced back big time, winning back even more lucrative endorsements. Doherty just keeps cocking up, disappointing fans and friends alike.

Doherty may have run out of nine lives, and a stint in jail may be in his immediate future.

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