Pete Doherty has the luck of the Irish

Seriously, the rocker has skirted around the authorities for years, and in the course of it all won his leggy supermodel back, and has an alleged big fat new record contract awaiting to ring in the New Year. Apparently you can’t kill a zombie, and the Irish luck expression holds true for the Babyshambler lead man.

Pete Doherty was all smiles and hugged his awaiting fans outside court Monday after a judge ruled he will not serve jail time for possession of drugs including heroin and crack cocaine.

Yahoo news reports that District Judge Jane McIvor ordered Doherty to fork over a paltry $1,525 sum in fines and court costs and ordered him not to drive for four months.

“I feel relieved,” Doherty told reporters outside Thames Magistrates’ Court in London.

Yahoo reports the Doherty arrest timeline, his arrest in April for possession of “less than 2 grams each of heroin, cannabis and cocaine, just three hours after he was sentenced to two years of community service for previous drug offenses.” The stash was nicked by authorities in his car and house.

Then Doherty was arrested again Aug. 7th with a crack pipe and a small amount of what else, crack, and pleaded guilty Aug. 18th to all five counts. Reported the Yahoo Doherty police rundown.

In November, Doherty, boyfriend of Kate Moss, was fined $1,485 for assaulting British Broadcasting Corp. reporter Trudi Barber outside the very same court.


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