Pete Doherty fined by Swedes (Roundup)

Just out of Portuguese rehab, controversial British rocker Pete Doherty, 27, just can’t stay off the goofballs.

Doherty was fined Saturday after a drugs test indicated he had traces of cocaine in his body, according to Swedish police.

Reports say when he arrived at Arlanda airport, according to witnesses “he was obviously under the influence of something.was pushed through customs in a wheelchair. He was stuttering and acted ‘bizarre. After a while, he fell out of the wheelchair and was crawling around on the floor, according to Swedish media, “When I took a picture he gave me the finger and said ‘You have to pay to take my picture’,” the unnamed witness had said.

Doherty and his band, Babyshambles arrived Friday in Sweden to play at the Hultsfred Festival in southern Sweden.  The band hit the stage Saturday afternoon, over an hour later than scheduled.

‘The performance was such that we believed he was on drugs,’ Kalmar police spokesman Ulf Karlsson said.  After the act, Doherty was tested and the sample showed traces of cocaine and benzodiazepines, Karlsson added in the report.

Prosecutors ruled that Doherty should be fined over the cocaine traces, and paid 14,000 Swedish Kronor and was subsequently released. “Doherty had no comment to the incident,” Karlsson said.

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